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ANZPT MELBOURNE - Event 10 - Main Event - Final Table

Mon 3 Jun '13 - 12:30PM

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Result Name Hometown Winnings
1st Anthony Hachem Melbourne $181,460.00
2nd Iori Yogo Nagoya $126,600.00
3rd Michel Bouskila Sydney $74,700.00
4th Fabian Craib Melbourne $56,970.00
5th Michael Kanaan Sydney $43,050.00
6th Daniel Neilson Sydney $33,760.00
7th Todor Kondevski Sydney $27,430.00
8th Dean Francis Melbourne $21,100.00
9th Ian Thompson Burmingham $16,880.00
10th David Allan Sydney $10,975.00
11th Shane Moran Melbourne $10,975.00
12th David Bonadio Melbourne $10,975.00
13th Luke Brabin Wagga Wagga $8,860.00
14th Kwang Nguyen Melbourne $8,860.00
15th Trevor Potts Melbourne $8,860.00
16th Pravin Harji Palmerston Nth $6,750.00
17th Tom Karadimos Melbourne $6,750.00
18th Shiun We Hii Sydney $6,750.00
19th Michael Chrisanthopoulos Melbourne $5,485.00
20th Nick Lekkas Adelaide $5,485.00
21st Edo Naftaly Niradavid $5,485.00
22nd Stephen Boyd Gold Coast $5,485.00
23rd Aron Joyce Cairns $5,485.00
24th Andrew Mercaldi Melbourne $5,485.00
25th Nebojsa Blanusa Adelaide $5,485.00
26th Scott Peel Gelong $5,485.00
27th Patrick Healy Perth $5,485.00
28th Nick Georgoulas Melbourne $4,640.00
29th Brian Litfin Townsville $4,640.00
30th Aaron Griffin Canberra $4,640.00
31st Alessio Maisano Sydney $4,640.00
32nd Eric Assadourian Sydney $4,640.00
33rd Cale Maclean Newcastle $4,640.00
34th Benjamin Mclean Canberra $4,640.00
35th Ryan Griffin Melbourne $4,640.00
36th Evan Cole Brisbane $4,640.00
37th Todd Ritson Sydney $3,800.00
38th Faisal Mirza Melbourne $3,800.00
39th Craig Ivey Adelaide $3,800.00
40th Lionel Martin Noumea $3,800.00
41st Daryl Alderson Adelaide $3,800.00
42nd Josh Barrett Qld $3,800.00
43rd Michael J Fadersen Bendigo $3,800.00
44th Alexander Margina Melbourne $3,800.00
45th Chris Ozer Melbourne $3,800.00
46th Gautan Dhingra Melbourne $3,375.00
47th Linas Leonovas Melbourne $3,375.00
48th Ronald Bean Nsw $3,375.00
49th Brian Grieve Melbourne $3,375.00
50th Mark Inch Qld $3,375.00
51st Peter Skouteris Nsw $3,375.00
52nd Samuel O'Neill Nsw $3,375.00
53rd Luis Pampliega Melbourne $3,375.00
54th Sam Georges Melbourne $3,375.00
55th Brian Mccallister Wa $2,955.00
56th Joseph Riesz Melbourne $2,955.00
57th Bowdy Tolhopf Melbourne $2,955.00
58th Kenneth Soh Kl $2,955.00
59th Rodney Fuller Jerves Bay $2,955.00
60th Andrew Phaedonos Melbourne $2,955.00
61st Peter Sheary Melbourne $2,955.00
62nd Minh Phuc Nguyen Brisbane $2,955.00
63rd Zoran Punosevak Sydney $2,955.00

About the Tournament

Game Type: No Limit Holdem

  • Prize Pool: $844,000.00
  • Game: No Limit Holdem
  • Buy-In: $1,000.00
  • Entry Fee: $100.00
  • Entrants: 844

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