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Vic Champs 2010- Event 6- State Of Origin

Sat 21 Aug '10 - 12:00AM

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Result Name Hometown Winnings
eq. 1st South Australia Winning Team $28,000.00
eq. 1st James Obst Adelaide $11,000.00
2nd Grant M Levy Sydney $5,700.00
3rd Huy Nguyen Melbourne $3,900.00
4th Jarrod Graham $2,200.00
5th Joel Dodds Sydney $2,200.00
6th Nick Velcic $2,200.00
7th Qinyi Tong Melbourne $2,200.00
8th Ben Richardson Melbourne $2,200.00
9th Neville Najja $1,300.00
10th Dallas DJ Albcore $1,300.00
11th Johnathan Karamlikis $1,300.00
12th Kristian P Lunardi Melbourne $1,300.00
13th Fabian Quoss London $1,300.00
14th Simon Walt $1,300.00
15th Stewart Scott Adelaide $1,300.00
16th Matthew R Pearson Melbourne $1,300.00

About the Tournament

  • Prize Pool: $560,000.00
  • Buy-In: $10,000.00
  • Entrants: 56

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