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$1,000 No-Limit Hold'em Opening Event

Drewe Taking Chips

We came to the Aussie Millions opening event reigning champion's table with a board showing and Drewe check-raising all in. His opponent was deep int he tank as he contemplated the call. The rest of the table leaned on their chairs and twiddled their thumbs restlessly as they waited.

"Will you show?" Drewe's opponent asked. Drewe shook his head with a slight smile and the player went back into the tank. Eventually the player gave up and sent the pot to Drewe.

Martin Drewe15,0005,000

Joe Hachem, Shane Warne to Host Charity Tournament During Aussie Millions

Former world poker champ Joe Hachem and legendary cricketer Shane Warne will host a charity poker tournament this weekend to benefit seriously ill and underprivileged children in Australia. The 5th Annual Joe Hachem and Shane Warne Charity Poker Tournament will kick off on Sunday, Jan. 15 at 1 p.m. in the official film studio of Crown's Aussie Millions Poker Championship.

The $1,000 tournament entry fee gives players the unique opportunity to play alongside sports stars and celebrities, as well as some of the world's most accomplished poker players. In addition to Warne and Hachem, the list of attendees already includes Tony G, Clonie Gowen, Atlanta Braves pitcher Peter Moylan, television personality Fifi Box, boxer Jeff Fenech, and rugby players Brendon Goddard, Luke Hodge, Jason Akermanis, Jimmy Bartel, Dermott Brereton and Leigh Montagna.

More than 100 players are already registered for the event, creating a prize pool of more than $65,000. The winner will receive a Las Vegas High Roller package, which includes a $10,000 Main Event entry to the World Series of Poker, along with return airfare and accommodations in Las Vegas. Second prize is a 2012 Aussie Millions Package, which includes a seat to the $10,000 Main Event, and third place will also receive a buy-in for the 2012 Aussie Million Main Event.

Proceeds from the charity tournament will go toward the Shane Warne Foundation, which raises money to help enrich the lives of underprivileged children and teenagers in Australia. Since 2004, the foundation has raised more than $5 million with approximately 80 percent reaching those in need.

Interested players are encouraged to register for their seats at

Break It Up

Players are now on their first break of the day, which will last a short ten minutes.

Kelly Stuck in Reverse

With a board reading , a player in the small blind bet 1,100 and received a call from Daniel Kelly in the big blind. The small blind then bet 1,500 on the river, and again Kelly called. The small blind rolled over for top pair, prompting Kelly to send his cards to the muck. The latter is down to just 4,100.


Benson Chews Stevan Up

We just noticed that Stevan Chew was getting up out of his seat with no chips to speak of, while Gary Benson was stacking a new tower of chips.

Gary Benson40,00016,000

A Few Eliminations & McLean Karr

A few players have hit the rail as of late, but we did notice a familiar face in the crowd in McLean Karr.

Benson Booming; Ho Hurting

Wandering past Maria Ho and Gary Benson's table and we noticed that Ho had considerably less than her peak stack from just a short while ago and Benson is looking a lot healthier.

While we were at the table, Ho and Benson were rumbling in the following hand. the board showed and Ho and one other player checked to Benson. At this point Benson made a bet of 1,400 and Ho went for the check-raise, making it 3,450. The other player got out of the way, while Benson made the call.

The on the river would see Ho check again and Benson would again bet, this time 3,500. Ho thought for some time, glancing at her cards several times before letting it go, sending the pot to Benson.

Gary Benson24,00014,000

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One for Ho

Maria Ho opened from the hijack for 450 and found a call from the player in the big blind. Both players proceeded to check the flop, as well as the turn. When the appeared on the river, the big blind checked, Ho bet a modest 550, and he opponent tank-folded.

It wasn't much of a hand, but it gave us the excuse to let all you Ho fans out there know she is up to 14,500.


Voegele Bounced

Octavian Voegele opened for a raise only to be three-bet by an unknown opponent. Voegele responded by pushing back for his entire stack, totaling 6,100, and his opponent snap-called.


Voegele held live cards, but needed to improve to stay alive. Unfortunately for him, the board ran out an uneventful and Voegele was eliminated from the tournament here in the early stage of Level 3.

Tournament Information
Events List
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  • Level: 26
  • Blinds: $40,000/80,000
  • Ante: $10,000
  • Players Info

  • Prize Pool: $946,000
  • Entries: 946

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